Welcome to Glorwing!

The brainchild of Cornflower, Glorwing has been providing NWN fun since 2003.

A rich history and extensive role playing have made this persistent world a vibrant community of players who really care about interaction.

You can play in a truly unique world that grows and evolves with or without you. Create the story you’ve always wanted along side other players who are always in character.

Glorwing is developed entirely within the Neverwinter Nights engine, this means that all you need is a copy of the game to start playing.

There are a few downloads required. These are used to enhance your experience beyond expectations.


Once you've set up your character and decided on what their personality will be just log in. Don't worry about being the new kid on the block, we were all there once.

The first place you will see is completely OOC (out of character) and is meant to let you interact with other players. Take your time and look around, Say hi to anyone else before you step through the door into a world beyond your imagination.

Once through that door, all interaction should stay IC (in character) as you bring that character to life in the world of Glorwing.

Our YouTube Channel

We have a few fun videos to share! On our youtube channel we have several videos created by LongEarMage for you to watch and enjoy!

Here is one of them...watch it full screen for the best effect!

Why do we call glorwing a 'player's world'?

Because everyone from the Creator of Glorwing to the 100% Volunteer Staff to the individual player has a role in how the world unfolds. Each one of us will have a say through our role playing in what happens. Sometimes things are momentous but most are just everyday things we do to live, love and laugh as we make it through our day.

And boy do we like to laugh! Much of our real life these days is a challenge. Once you log in, you can relax and have fun! And from a travelling salesman to visits from some crazy goblins who THINK they can make sweet music, our DM staff can help liven things up. You also never know when a quest to save someone or retrieve something may pop up! (I have to be careful not to give any of our evil...errr. plans away.)

See how fiendly...err friendly we are?

Cornflower - The Man. the Myth, the Legend

Our staff of volunteers

Let's talk the lay of the land


Well, usually. Okay...there are rules to play in Glorwing.

Fortunately the rules are not too cumbersome. Mainly we ask that you try to make it as fun for the next person as for you.

For a complete list of rules please visit our forums.

Your time to play is precious.

Don't waste it on a Server where fun is hard to find. We are available 24/7 with an active playerbase with players from around the world. Our DM staff is not always on (we're selective and only get the best for that role) but when they are you can bet that you can expect the unexpected.

Come in and hang out at the fire in Crescent Bay. Maybe you prefer searching the Misty Mountains for baddies, Hang out in Eagles Nest or explore Hunter's Island.

No matter what you're in the mood for, you can most likely find it. And if you can't let us know. We're always looking for new ideas on how to improve your in game experience.